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About PressReady Marketing


We make marketing easy and affordable for printowners like you.

In developing our marketing campaigns, we keep three principal guidelines in mind:

  1. All marketing expenditures are an investment for the purpose of creating revenue. Therefore, our products must offer effectiveness that enables our subscribers to profit substantially from their investment in a marketing campaign.

  2. Print owners are involved in a complex, capital intensive business. They rarely have the time to create and manage regular marketing campaigns, or the resources to hire professionals to do it for them. Therefore, our campaigns must be easy enough to implement that a busy owner can begin with a minimum of effort and continue over the long term.

  3. Copywriting and graphic design are the most important tools we have to help print owners position their businesses competitively and provide additional value to their customers. Therefore, our campaigns must communicate with very high standards of design and copywriting. The content we provide must be engaging, useful and valuable.

  • PressReady Marketing was founded to help small and medium printing businesses to advertise more effectively. The company was created as a business unit of Gnasher Design, an advertising and design agency which has served a broad variety of businesses since 1988. Among Gnasher’s clients was a local printing company, which commissioned a series of identity and promotion solutions. As these projects were underway it became clear that many small printing businesses face similar challenges in their own markets, and could benefit from the same advertising strategies. PressReady Marketing was created in response to this need, drawing on Gnasher Design’s pool of design and copy writing talent and experience, and adding systems to efficiently handle the specialized production requirements.

    We maintain all essential creative, administrative and production services in-house, and have developed proprietary systems to make the process of file creation and distribution as efficient as possible. As a result, we can offer excellent value to our customers, with consistently high quality direct marketing materials delivered reliably.