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The Printer's Marketing System - Exclusive Territory. Your chosen territory is reserved for your use, preserving your competitive advantage.

[TPMS] Exclusive Territory


Exclusive Territory

Check availability for your area

No other printer can subscribe to our system using your zip codes, and only you may mail into your reserved territory, giving you an important competitive advantage. Is your area still available?

Here's how it works:

  • Each direct mail or email campaign you select includes 5 zip/post codes for your exclusive territory at no extra charge – and you can reserve as many more as you need.
  • If you select more than one mailer, you can add more zip/post codes to your territory. For example: subscribe to ColorCard postcard, PrintHints newsletter, and Inklings email – that's 3 campaigns, allowing you to reserve 15 zip/post codes for your territory at no extra cost.
  • If you need more zip/post codes, you can reserve any quantity you like for a modest additional cost. Additional codes start at $4 each, and a sliding scale applies so that the price drops as you reserve more codes. I aim to make your campaign economical and cost effective no matter what size territory you wish to cover with your marketing. Some subscribers reserve all the important zip/post codes in entire counties in their vicinity.
  • No other printer may reserve or mail to your reserved zips/post codes, preserving the integrity of your campaigns, and your local competitive advantage.
  • For all direct mail campaigns you subscribe to, you must mail only to locations within your reserved territory. This is to avoid undermining any other subscriber's campaign (as well as your own).
  • If you subscribe only to email campaigns, you still reserve territory to lock out competitors, but you may send email to any location – your email prospects and customers do not have to be within your reserved territory.
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