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The Printer's Marketing System - Lead Generation. Attract qualified print buyers, capture their details and automate your follow up.

[TPMS] Lead Generation


Lead Generation For Printers

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Lead Generation For Printers – lets you pull in a steady stream of qualified print buyers who are predisposed to do business with you.

Marketing For Printers Lead Generation System
  • Ready To Use Lead Magnets You don't have to write or design anything – it's all done for you. You can choose from an expanding library of reports and educational resources.

  • Prospecting Mailers Ready to use direct mail, banners, and ads – use a variety of economical approaches to reach prospects with your Lead Magnet offer.

  • Landing Pages Each Lead Magnet Campaign has a corresponding mobile optimized landing page, reinforcing the offer and focused on one purpose – maximum lead conversion.

  • Lead Capture Prospects enter their details and give permission for email marketing – their data is automatically stored in the [EM] Email Marketing Application.

  • Automated Follow Up Worry free, reliable, consistent, fully personalized follow up is handled by the [EM] Email Marketing Application.

  • Autoresponder Sequences A sequence of automated email messages welcomes each new lead and provides additional content for each Lead Magnet Campaign.

  • New Lead Notifications When a propect opts in or a lead is engaged and showing signals of readiness, the data is forwarded to you for personal follow up by your sales team.

  • Social Media Integration Your Lead Generation Campaigns are integrated into your social media properties to extend your reach and encourage viral growth.


How to order

The [LG] Lead Generation Module is available as a standalone service. Please call us at 888-896-7216 for pricing and to find out how the module can integrate into your existing marketing systems.

The [LG] Lead Generation Module is also available as a bundled component of the [TPMS] Silver Plan.

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