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Social Media Marketing For Printers

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Social Media continues to grow, and presents greater opportunities for business than ever. Our systems help you build relationships with your customers and prospects in the social space.

How The Program Works

The [SM] Social Media Module includes a variety of blueprints and services to put the most productive social media venues to work for your business, with the emphasis on gaining the most leverage for the investment.

If you are not ready to take on setting up the various social channels yourself, we offer complete programming and maintenance options for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, plus creation and maintenance of your YouTube channel, and other social properties appropriate for your business.

We also install and run applications which integrate your social media accounts with elements from the [LG] and [WT] modules. These elements work together to drive web traffic and automate lead generation with viral campaign components.

The Marketing Partner Program also includes creation and distribution of content through the various social media assets, automated posting or status updates through your social channels, and monitoring/escalation of inbound posts.

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