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“PressReady’s “Printer’s Marketing System” is the best tool in our marketing treasure box. Every project has one pivot point that will elevate it from normal to the ultimate level, PressReady’s “Printer’s Marketing System” is the secret weapon of success. It is impossible to get the contents, topics and graphics done for you on a consistent bases every month for such a LOW monthly payment. I highly recommend it to everyone who is committed to marketing his Printing Business. Great Product with an unbelievable ROI”

Nidal Kerdiya,
eDoc Publish Inc, Tustin, CA

“What convinced my contact to give us a try was PrintHints. Now they give us all the work that was previously going out to four printers. This account is worth about $100,000 to my company and it is directly attributable to your PrintHints newsletter.”

Brad Knauer,
Pentzer Printing, Columbus, IN

“When we send PrintHints out, we get work!”

Jim Intihar, Minuteman Marketing, Chantilly, VA

“We use the postcards and they’ve worked wonders.…We’ve done about eight mailings in just over four months and it’s just amazing. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it has to be about 30-40%. …We’re seeing people just walking in off the street who have never been in here before. And these people are making big decisions. They’ll say, ‘We didn’t know you could do all of this. We thought you were just a little business card printer.’ But now they know – we can do everything!”

Steve Hanson, Printing Impression, Kennesaw, GA

“Your PrintHints mailers are beautiful, your postcards as well, I really like them. It’s the designers who will benefit from the PrintHints newsletter. It’s so well done – I’m very impressed.”

Roger Samuels,
Sterling Color Printing, Manchester, CT

“We love the newsletter – keep it coming! We’ve picked up quite a few new customers, and brought back a few old ones.”

Stant Willie
Wilcor Graphics, Norcross, GA

New content, new content marketing advantages Check out the latest editions of our PrintHints, Inklings and ColorCard campaigns, now available in the member’s area and ready to fuel your content marketing efforts. It’s been a while since we produced a regular flow of new content. Even better, we have made some important improvements to the …

The surprisingly simple, even obvious, “goldmine” you’re not exploring You would love to find better ways to get more new customers on board, right? Everyone does, of course. But there’s an alternative to new customers that can bring you the sales boost you’re looking for at lower cost. Your old customers. You remember them, right? …

Easy, Affordable Content Marketing For Printers If you are marketing a printing business effectively in 2017, you are covering a long (and growing) list of essentials, and your list will include at least a little content marketing. This is the process of making information available to guide prospective customers through the old Awareness/Interest/Desire/Action sequence, in …

Even with the rise of social media and digital marketing, the printed marketing newsletter is still the first choice in the printer’s marketing tool box. It seems many “experts” have declared the printed newsletter dead and written the eulogy. Here’s why they are dead wrong. First, the people arguing this point have a vested interest …

If you want more customers you first have to convince your prospects to choose you, instead of who they chose before. I have a question for you: Why would I choose you to handle my printing needs, rather than your competitor? Like a building on its foundation, your business is built on your answer to …

Does this sound familiar? You’re doing good work, you have very happy customers, you enjoy a good reputation, but you still find it hard to generate enough new sales opportunities. You know marketing could be the key to solving this, since it’s really all about getting the word out and staying top of mind, right? …