Need a quick sales boost? Reactivate!

The surprisingly simple, even obvious, “goldmine” you’re not exploring

You would love to find better ways to get more new customers on board, right?

Everyone does, of course.

But there’s an alternative to new customers that can bring you the sales boost you’re looking for at lower cost.

Your old customers.

You remember them, right? They’re the ones you spent a load of time and money on to get them to buy from you, and now they’re gone — not buying any more.

Does that ring a bell?

If so, you’re not nearly alone.

It’s estimated that fewer than five percent of all businesses make any effort at all to reach out to and recapture former customers. Far fewer do it regularly.

Printing companies today are so focused on the changing marketplace and find that hard enough to deal with, especially with tight marketing budgets and razor thin staffing — that going after their past customers doesn’t register on the list of priorities.

They might have a few bucks to spend on it, but there’s usually nobody to throw at such a project, no plan in place.

That’s where we come in.

We have developed a system to implement this strategy, helping printing companies like yours reactivate their past customers.

This service is built on sound principles:

  • Your past customers already know and trust you
  • We won’t have to sell them on your capabilities
  • Unless they left you for a negative reason, they’ll at least be open to new contact
  • You won’t have to spend on advertising to get them back

Yes, it does cost something to win these customers back again, but it’s much less than attracting new ones. There’s also some work involved, and we take care of most of that for you.

We work with only one printer in any particular area, so if one printshop in your town is going to be first to make a serious run at building their market share out of a group that can only be classified as “low hanging fruit,” why shouldn’t it be yours?

So, do you want your lost customers back? 

Just reach out and and we’ll set up a brief consultation to go over the details with you.