Read What Our Customers Say About Their Successes with Our System:

“What I like about your newsletter is it’s very nearly turnkey – a couple adjustments and I am ready to fly. Ten minutes work and it’s out to the color copier and into the mail…”
Bill Ganger, Image Print Inc., Westerville, OH
“I had been calling on an account for a year but I couldn’t get my foot in the door.
I decided to put them on our newsletter list, right at the beginning of our PressReady Marketing subscription. After my contact received the third issue of PrintHints that we mailed he called me. He told me they were using four different printers and it was confusing – they would like to consolidate and put us in the mix. They had never used us before, but what convinced my contact to give us a try was PrintHints. Now they give us all the work that was previously going out to four printers. This account is worth about $100,000 to our company, and it is directly attributable to your PrintHints newsletter.”
Brad Knauer, Pentzer Printing, Columbus, IN
When we send PrintHints out, we get work!
Jim Intihar, Minuteman Marketing, Chantilly, VA
…I was looking for a way I could organise a system of follow up which wouldn’t take a lot of time on my part, but that would help me build that critical relationship with my clients. That’s exactly what your system allows me to do … A 7% response, but the more important number is the return on investment [7:1] … As you can imagine, we are delighted with the results…”
John Hayes, Hurricane Print, Ireland
“Everything looks great – it’s going to be awesome… We love the newsletter and postcards… Keep up the excellent work.”
Sam Mondesando, Rose Press, Mt. Vernon, NY
“Content: excellent; design: excellent. We like the designs and the convenience of just customizing and printing. If we had to create our own each month, it probably would get done only occasionally.”
John Schroeder, Fox Printing, Burlington, VT
“Very nicely done, congrats! Whoever did these is very talented!”
David Doost, Printing Impression, Kennesaw, GA
“We have enjoyed our subscriptions to the PrintHints and Inklings newsletters and have found them useful in educating our staff and clients about the multifaceted aspects of the printing industry… thank you for your consistently prompt and professional service.”
Nealy A. May EMI PrintWorks
“Your cards are great!”
Joe Jordan, SD Visual Images, Marlborough, MA
“I love your work Keep it up. We work with a lot of Designers and you make us look good.”
Bart Nay, Bart Nay Printing, Houston, TX