Does this sound familiar?

You’re doing good work, you have very happy customers, you enjoy a good reputation, but you still find it hard to generate enough new sales opportunities.

You know marketing could be the key to solving this, since it’s really all about getting the word out and staying top of mind, right?

Maybe you’ve tried running marketing programs before, but didn’t get the results you hoped for.

Or maybe you do some marketing now, but feel it isn’t consistent enough, or you’re not quite reaching the right people.

Well, you’re in good company – it’s a very common situation.

Most printers understand how important marketing is for their businesses, and they know what needs to be done. They understand the power of direct mail as an advertising channel for printers, especially with the cost advantages, and the obvious bonus that whatever you send is also a sample of your product in use.

But even knowing all of that, things always seem to get in the way of efforts to get good marketing done regularly.

There are three big obstacles that come up again and again:

With all the pressures of running a business, managing workflows and putting out fires, it’s extremely hard to set aside enough time to do the necessary work yourself.

You’re not sure what gets produced in-house is really good enough to do the job, because you don’t have marketing specialists on staff.

Even when you can focus on your own marketing projects, too often you have to pull staff away to work on customer jobs and your own projects get derailed.

The real problem here is lack of reliable systems for performing your marketing operations.

And the trouble is, the problem is even worse than you think.

Worse because not having good systems for finding and bringing in new customers is not just making it hard to keep things stable month to month, it’s actually undermining your business’s long term chances of survival.

It’s costing you the opportunity to think strategically about your business, and to have enough cash flow to optimize operations and invest in new initiatives, so you can grow your business and create the lifestyle you choose.

So what can you do about this?

Since you can’t clone yourself, you can rule out finding more time to do any of this yourself.

You could hire a team of marketing specialists, or an agency, but with the extra payroll or agency fees, not to mention the additional management, that might not be a quick, easy, or even practical solution.

The best solution would be an outside service that delivers the expertise you need affordably.

How would it be if that service delivered professionally produced content, so you don’t have to write anything yourself?

What if that content was specifically written and designed to be valuable and interesting to people who buy printing?

How great would it be if you could choose from lots of content like that, and just download it whenever you need it, so you don’t have a long production cycle and don’t need to tie up employees pulling things together?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a service like that, one that you can have confidence in, that you can afford, and that you can rely on over the long haul?

How much easier would it be to put out a newsletter for your customers, and postcard campaigns for prospecting, if all you had to do was download the files, have your designer pop your logo in, and swap in your contact details, and send to prepress?

If you could produce a powerful postcard campaign that easily, how much more often would you be able to reach out to all the prospects in your area?

If you could make yourself more visible in your market, and position your business against your competitors with strong educational resources that highlight the value you deliver, how many more new customers could you bring in?

Well, here’s some good news.

Our Easy Content Marketing Kit does all that for you.

direct mail and email content marketing for printers

You get access to our library of hundreds of newsletters and postcards in both print and email form, all created to the highest professional standards. They are colorful and interesting, fun and engaging, covering lots of topics related to printing, design, marketing and sales – all things that appeal to print buyers, with no generic, fluffy filler in sight.

You can download your choice of mailers and email content, from our long running postcard campaign and two different newsletter campaigns. One newsletter is entertainment oriented for a general business audience, one is packed with valuable educational content for more serious print buyers.

Customizing your newsletters and postcards takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be proud of what you send.

If you want to rewrite an article, or add your own design touches, you’re free to do that and you get all the native and support files so you can edit any part you like.

Here are just a few of the mailers you will use to catch your prospects’ and customers’ attention
(Click to preview)

Email content marketing for printers

Our system even lets you set up your emails to be completely customized with your logo and contact details with a single click. You just select your message, click to generate html, then copy and paste into your email marketing application, ready to send.

You’ll never have an excuse for missing a month of marketing again, and that consistency is key to getting long term, business building results in the printing field.

When you join the program you get exclusive license to use it in your area. This means you lock out your competitors, so no other printer in your area will have access to our mailers, and your prospects will never see the same content coming from different printers.

Getting started is very easy, just click through to the next page, reserve the zip codes in your territory, create your account and enter your payment details.

You’ll get immediate access to the member’s area, so you can start deploying your new campaigns just a few minutes from now.