Using just one PressReady direct mailer may help you achieve exactly the results you need, but consider how you can boost the effectiveness of your campaigns by combining two or more of our mailers strategically.

Try segmenting your mailing list and select the mailers that will be most effective for each group. Or use a combination of mailers to the same prospect group, so you can maintain contact at higher frequency but with a variety of messages and information.

For example: you may be able to identify businesses likely to need full color or digital printing on a regular basis, and send them your ColorCard postcard each month. You can use the same economical means of production that you offer your customers to print as few mailers as you need.

Other businesses may have printing requirements that are harder to anticipate, but are likely to be worthwhile prospects – an ideal application for your Inklings mailer.

You may have a list of new business registrants, or small businesses in your area – they will welcome your PrintHints newsletter for the valuable help it gives them with their sales and marketing efforts. They will also appreciate the economy and effectiveness of short-run color, and may respond well to the ColorCard postcard campaign.

Another way to get more mileage with PressReady Marketing is to choose the mailer that will help develop the specific kind of business you would like to develop – ColorCard for more digital color work, for example – and send it out to all your qualified prospects.

Then use Inklings as a goodwill-building follow-up to your printing jobs. Pack a copy in each box that leaves the shop, or fold it to fit in the envelope with each invoice or statement that leaves your desk. Keep a supply on the front counter of your shop for visitors, and consider leaving a supply in appropriate places if you have access to large companies with departments that may buy printing independently.