PressReady Marketing was founded to help printers help themselves to more sales and profits. We provide a set of tools that you can use to mount a regular advertising campaign – using them consistently can make a huge difference to your business. Our mailers are carefully considered to fill particular marketing needs of small printing businesses, and we offer a number of ways to produce the mailers so that using them can be as smooth and efficient as possible in different workflows.

The three core products are ColorCard, Inklings and PrintHints. They represent three different expenditure brackets, and appeal to different customer motivations. All are intended to be used consistently to turn your mailing list of prospects into a list of loyal customers through our 3-stage process – First: Awareness; Second: Familiarity; Third: Loyalty. Each can be used individually to reach the group of buyers you want to focus on, or together to cover more ground.

PrintHints was developed to position your printing business as a reliable, professional ally to owners and managers of small to midsize businesses. People who may be intimidated by the world of printing will find it demystified with your help. Its tone is friendly and competent, and it includes regular features designed to help your customers market their own products and services better. A particular focus is the many ways your customers can achieve more sales and profits themselves, by using the services of their friendly local printer – you!

ColorCard is aimed at those customers who are in a position to bring you frequent orders for short run full color printing, just the kind of jobs a small printshop is likely to be competitive and profitable on. We start with outstanding images, then use well-crafted montage and compositing, along with clever copywriting, to create highly original, engaging mailers that will appeal to your most visually sophisticated prospects. If you have agencies, designers, and many dynamic small to mid-sized businesses in your marketing area, ColorCard will help you turn them into loyal customers.

Inklings is a simple mailer, inexpensive to produce, and intended to have very broad appeal. Its combination of jokes, quips, quotations, illustrations and inspirations is sure to amuse almost anyone. You can expect people to pass Inklings around, resulting in high readership and a lot of exposure for your advertising outlay. Inklings is primarily an awareness and loyalty building mailer. Its content is less specific to the printing business, but the regularity of your contact and the quality of your printing make a statement about your reliability and professional standards with each edition. It is useful in building a friendly relationship with many different potential customers, no matter what their organization size or printing needs are.