New Lead Generation System For Printers

What would it be worth to your business if your incoming qualified leads multiplied overnight?

Double – triple – even more?

New customers are the lifeblood of any business, so of course, just about any business owner will say they would like more incoming leads.

But if you’re looking at anemic projections for the rest of the year and need to feed some hungry presses, then you need new customers, and that means you REALLY NEED more qualified leads.


Lead Generation Numbers game

You know the logic – it’s simple:
To get 1 new customer you need 10 active leads.
To get 10 active leads you need 100 qualified prospects.
To get 100 qualified prospects, you need thousands of unqualified suspects – perhaps a whole city full.

1000 > 100 > 10 > 1, more or less.

Now I don’t know how many leads you have coming in currently, but if you are like most of the printers I talk to the answer is “not enough”.


Kick Obstacles out of your path

For many printers, the real obstacle to getting more leads is the physical limits of the people who have to find them.

There are only so many calls a sales person can make in a day. Only so many appointments you can make in a week. Only so many sales conversations you can maintain.

What you need here is a system, one that takes care of contacting prospects, qualifying them, capturing leads and following up with them to keep them engaged until they are ready to become customers.

A system you can set up once and leave to run for months, needing only straightforward input and minimal maintenance, bringing in a steady flow of new leads.

Even better, a system that lets you know when someone shows readiness to buy, so instead of spending most of their time beating the bushes, your sales staff can focus on working face to face with only the most active, best qualified, prospective customers.

If you have been generating leads with shoe leather and cold calls, a system like this could easily multiply your incoming leads – double, triple, tenfold or even more, depending on where you are starting from.


Sounds too good to be true?

Don’t worry, this system exists and it’s available now.

It’s The Printer’s Marketing System [LG] Lead Generation Program. The link opens in a new window so you can see what it includes and how it works.


Two ways to get the [LG] Lead Generation System For Printers:


As a standalone program

[LG] gives you everything you need to generate leads in a hurry.


As part of the The Printer’s Marketing System Silver plan

Silver bundles [LG] with our lead nurturing programs and adds social media components, adding 2 important advantages:
Gives you the content you will need to keep your new leads engaged once they opt in, position your business in their minds, and stay top of mind until they are ready to buy printing, and
Integrates your lead generation program throughout your social media presence.


Ready to get going?

Please call Colin at 888-896-7216 to discuss how [LG] Lead Generation can fit into your business, and how to get started. Hint: there’s a very generous introductory deal available just for friends of PressReady Marketing.