What kinds of customers, with what kinds of print jobs, are you sure you can deliver complete satisfaction to each and every time?

If there is a short list of answers then you are well on your way – these are the customers who will work with you loyally without comparing prices very much. These are the customers you need more of. On the other hand…

If there is not an obvious answer, or there are problems in your operation that make it difficult to deliver complete satisfaction time after time, they need to be addressed urgently. You may need to reconsider the type of work you specialize in, or move employees around so that those dealing with customers are genuinely interested in their satisfaction. You may need to address morale issues in your shop, because the results of poor morale can damage client relationships permanently.

Your principle task as owner or manager of a printing business is to ensure that the experience of each customer is a complete fulfilment of the promises made in all communication with them – that is the substance underlying your brand, and if you are performing well in this area your marketing should propel your business forward profitably.