Are you feeding a hungry blog as well as hungry presses?

Easy, Affordable Content Marketing For Printers

If you are marketing a printing business effectively in 2017, you are covering a long (and growing) list of essentials, and your list will include at least a little content marketing.

This is the process of making information available to guide prospective customers through the old Awareness/Interest/Desire/Action sequence, in the internet age.

The idea is to put lots of information out there so that online searchers are more likely to find you, more likely to see you as what they need, and more likely to do business with you.

A good content marketing strategy builds on the newsletter you have always sent out (you are sending out a regular newsletter, right?), to create a web of information touches.

You might reach a new prospect through direct mail, or they might find you by searching online. From there, your content needs to do all of this:

  • engage their interest,
  • position you as a credible supplier,
  • establish your points of difference,
  • give them good reasons to do business with you,
  • keep you in mind for their moment of need,
  • and ask for the order.

This process happens through a multitude of channels, on a schedule unique to each prospect.

It needs to appeal to humans and search engines alike. It needs to be freshened continually.

At a minimum you would use a newsletter, a blog, downloadable resources, email campaigns, and at least a couple of social media channels.

All that adds up to a lot of content.

Which begs the question: do you have a system in place to create all that content and deploy it consistently, or are you falling behind?

We recognize your need for content to fuel your branding and lead nurturing processes, so we created a new program for you.

We want to help you use content marketing successfully to attract new printing business and keep existing customers coming back.

It’s our new Content Marketing Kit.

Here’s why this is a better approach than what you are doing (or not doing) now:

If you are creating content in-house, you are probably finding there isn’t enough time to produce enough material, or maintain good enough quality.

Our Content Marketing Kit saves you an enormous amount of time, effort and expense.

If you are sourcing content through a canned newsletter program, or other “shared” program, the content is generic. That means others are using the exact same content in other places.

The risk is you won’t stand out from competitive options, and it’s bad for SEO – search engines will not pick up your content if it existed somewhere else on the web previously – your site may actually be slapped with a penalty.

What we supply is a monthly kit of content that we strategically individualize and customize specifically for your business.

The service is available with a few options so you can get what you need at a cost that meets your needs.

Kits include:

  • A trove of articles, posts and graphics.
  • Articles are versioned to be unique – no one else gets the same version you get.
  • Graphics and memes optimized for essential social media formats.
  • Topics include printing, marketing, productivity, business, humor and inspiration.
  • Optimized branding articles are completely unique to your business and we write them for you.

You can choose kits that give you:

  • A great selection of unique content, you deploy as you need.
  • Branding articles specific to your business, written for you.
  • A complete done-for-you option, we do all your newsletter file preparation and post to your social media accounts.

The cost is very affordable.

This is a brand new evolution of our content services. If you are interested in taking advantage of it, please reach out through phone at 888-896-7216, or our contact page – we’ll set up a complimentary consulting session and go over all your options.