The single best marketing strategy you can use as a printer is to produce a regular newsletter — here’s why …

Powerful Positioning

Your newsletter is the ideal way to position your business as the friendly, expert authority on printing in your area. Your content educates your customers and sets you apart from your competition at the same time.

Instant Credibility

The printed word is still perceived as more credible to many people than anything on the web. It goes to the old adage, “If someone invested enough to print and mail it, it must be important.” – Joe Pullizi

Active Showcase

Every newsletter you send is a showcase for the quality of your work, and demonstrates a great way to use print to build relationships, maintain top of mind awareness, and create new sales opportunities.

Truly Economical

As a printer you have a unique advantage – you can advertise through print at very close to cost. What’s more, now you can produce a great newsletter for a fraction of the cost of doing all
the creative work in-house.

Industry experts know the power of printed newsletters …

If you’re not sending out a monthly newsletter to your customers, clients or patients you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business. You’re also losing money. If your competition is sending out a newsletter, they have a much better chance of sooner or later stealing away your customers. That means they will be taking money right out of your pocket.
Dan S. Kennedy
… consumers place a higher value on printed publications. One 2014 survey conducted by a major newsletter publisher found that more than 80 percent of respondents indicate they always read the print newsletters and magazines they subscribe to or receive free, regularly, from businesses they have relationships with. Those same respondents said they read ezines, blogs, and other digital media included in paid subscriptions only about 20 percent of the time. That’s a 400 percent differential.
Kim Walsh Phillips

A great newsletter helps you do all this for your printing business…

Attract New Customers

Your print newsletter will be passed around to new contacts, and is a great way to show prospects the power of what you do – along with promotions you include.

Keep Customers Longer

Your newsletter is a great way to remind customers of all the great reasons to do business with you, and shows them you value the relationship. Result: more loyalty.

Stay Visible For Months

Most digital marketing is gone and forgotten very quickly. Your print newsletter has staying power – people will keep it around and think of you for months.

Build Your Credibility

Publishing a useful, entertaining newsletter is seen as different from regular advertising. People will value what you share, and trust you more.

Stand Out From Competition

By investing in your newsletter program you instantly separate yourself from all the others – they either don’t stay in touch or don’t do it as well as you will.

Build Your Brand

Your content positions and differentiates your business, establishing your brand presence as a leader and as a friendly, expert resource in your market.

Educate Your Customers

By providing useful information you actually train your readers to be better informed and prepared customers, who are easier to work with.

Keep Printing Relevant

Many people undervalue print these days because they just don’t know how effective it still is – you demonstrate its value with your newsletter.
“PressReady’s ‘Printer’s Marketing System’ is the best tool in our marketing treasure box. Every project has one pivot point that will elevate it from normal to the ultimate level, PressReady’s “Printer’s Marketing System” is the secret weapon of success. It is impossible to get the contents, topics and graphics done for you on a consistent basis every month for such a LOW monthly payment. I highly recommend it to everyone who is committed to marketing his Printing Business. Great Product with an unbelievable ROI”

Nidal Kerdiya eDoc Publish Inc, Tustin, CA

Too hard to produce a newsletter every month?
Not any more …

You may have tried to produce a marketing newsletter for your printing business already, and run into these typical problems that printers tell us about all the time:

  • …you don’t have enough time to create and produce a newsletter
  • …you don’t know how to come up with new content all the time
  • …what you did produce didn’t seem professional enough to send
  • …too expensive to have a team of experts produce a newsletter for you
  • …your competition is already using the canned newsletter you had your eye on

All fixed!

Now there’s an easier way to get it done quickly, professionally, and affordably:

PrintHints v2 –
The Ultimate Marketing Newsletter For Printers.

“I had been calling on an account for a year but I couldn’t get my foot in the door.
I decided to put them on our newsletter list, right at the beginning of our PressReady Marketing subscription. After my contact received the third issue of PrintHints that we mailed he called me. He told me they were using four different printers and it was confusing – they would like to consolidate and put us in the mix. They had never used us before, but what convinced my contact to give us a try was PrintHints. Now they give us all the work that was previously going out to four printers. This account is worth about $100,000 to our company, and it is directly attributable to your PrintHints newsletter.”

Brad Knauer Pentzer Printing, Columbus, IN

What Makes PrintHints v2 “The Ultimate Marketing Newsletter”?

Ultimate Content Mix

We include an optimized mix of entertainment, education, sales promotion and key branding content – there’s no generic filler in sight. Not only do your readers look forward to your newsletter, they see all the ways you are different from your competitors, and also learn from your example how they can drive business results with print.

Ultimate Social Springboard

Your newsletter content is adapted for posting into social media, becomes part of your hosted blog, and is the core of your email marketing campaigns. It’s the print hub that drives your content marketing strategy, so you can benefit from multichannel traffic, as well as show your customers how it’s done.

Ultimate Digital Integration

When your readers respond by visiting an url or jumping on the phone, our digital integration tracks their actions. You can track your leads and orders directly back to your newsletter, so you know exactly how well it is working for you. You’re not likely to find that accountability in any other newsletter solution.

Ultimate Easy Solution

Have us do all the creative and production work, or get an enormous head start on creating your newsletter in-house. Either way, it’s now easier than ever before to produce a newsletter that’s built specifically to drive strong marketing results for your printing business.

Here’s how we make it easy for you …

Ready To Use Content

Forget the hassles of creating your own newsletter from scratch, and the expense of agencies or freelancers – just browse the extensive content library and make your selections. It’s all done for you and ready to go.

Easy Customization

All newsletters contain placeholders for your logo and contact details – once articles are in place files can be ready for prepress in just a few minutes, or customize more fully if you like. All source files supplied in popular file formats.

Helpful Article Starters

For your custom branding articles we supply fill-in-the-blanks templates and prompts, to make it quick and easy to create good, interesting, effective content.

Production Reminders

Whether you choose a do-it-yourself package or our done-for-you service, we set up a production calendar that generates automatic prompts – your newsletter job won’t slip through the cracks.

We Prep Your Files

You can choose to have us pull files, customize your branding and fine tune the files for you,
so your staff only handles prepress – no need for editing and creative work.

We Write Your Articles

You can choose to have us write all your custom articles – we interview you and agree on a content calendar, and take care of the details for you. You review and approve before production.
“What I like about your newsletter is it’s very nearly turnkey – a couple adjustments and I am ready to fly. Ten minutes work and it’s out to the color copier and into the mail…”
Bill Ganger Image Print Inc., Westerville, OH
“I love your work Keep it up. We work with a lot of Designers and you make us look good.”
Bart Nay Bart Nay Printing, Houston, TX

Dig the well before you are thirsty.
– Chinese proverb

Of course you need new customers “yesterday”. All the more reason to act now and get started with the Ultimate Marketing Newsletter For Printers Program. The sooner you start mailing your newsletter, the sooner you will reap the benefits.

Now you can get a great newsletter done on time, easily, every single month, which means…

  • …better positioning against your competition
  • …more exposure to prospects
  • …more consistent nurturing of leads
  • …stronger relationships with customers
  • …fewer lapsed customer accounts

Which all translates to a stronger business for years to come.

Start your PrintHints newsletter program today and never miss another month of effective, professional marketing promotion

No Excuses

You’ll never have an excuse for missing a month of marketing again, and that consistency is key to getting long term, business building results.

Exclusive License

You get exclusive license to use the program in your area, so you lock out your competitors. No other printer in your area will have access to our mailers, and your prospects will not see the same content coming from different printers.

Easy Signup

Getting started is very easy, just click through to the next page, reserve the zip codes in your territory, create your account and enter your payment details.


You’ll get immediate access to the member’s area, so you can start deploying your new campaigns just a few minutes after signing up for the program.
Once you join us you can download files in a few minutes, and get the first edition of your new PrintHints marketing newsletter campaign into prepress and out to your list in the next few days.

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