Email marketing for printers made even easier

Full customization with one click, now available in the Email Marketing for Printers module of The Printers Marketing System.

Now you can upload your logo and enter various contact details, website links and other settings, then generate completely customized email messages from our library of ready to use email messages.

Once your settings are entered it takes just one click to fully customize any of the emails, with no html editing required.

The customized html is presented for you to copy and paste into the editing pane of your preferred email marketing software, including the PressReady Marketing [EM] application.

You can choose to format merge fields for use in MailChimp, Constant Contact or iContact. These include the fields for personalizing your recipient’s name, and adding unsubscribe and send to friend links.

The images used in the emails are all hosted on our server, so once you have pasted your html in the editor of your choice, all the work is done – your email is ready to send.

If you would like a closer look at how one click email customization works, please get in touch and request a personal consultation.

Get in touch to learn more about the PressReady Marketing email marketing programs for printers.