New content, new content marketing advantages

Check out the latest editions of our PrintHints, Inklings and ColorCard campaigns, now available in the member’s area and ready to fuel your content marketing efforts.

It’s been a while since we produced a regular flow of new content.
Happily, we’re back in the saddle and working on an exciting series of great new editions.

Even better, we have made some important improvements to the newsletter and content marketing program to make them work even better for you:

  • Our optimized content mix emphasizes your unique brand. It creates strong points of difference by focusing on you, the work you do, and your customers. It gives you better positioning, makes stronger connections with readers for better customer retention and referrals.
  • Now your newsletter content is unique to you – we create a unique instance of every article for you. This is great for branding and positioning, also especially important for SEO when content is repurposed online.
  • Our mailer campaigns are now the basis for a complete content marketing program, so we can help you run direct mail campaigns, email, blog, social media posts and more from one subscription.

Content marketing is now an essential part of a persuasive online presence. Without high quality content in place, you have a lower chance of being found when print buyers search in your area, a harder time attracting new leads and persuading them to become customers, and more of a challenge keeping your existing customers on board.

We’ve reworked our services to reflect this reality. Our current offering gives you plenty of material to use in all the most important channels, and the files you get are different from what everyone else gets. That means a great advantage for your visibility in online search results, where duplicate content can prevent you from appearing.

Interested in a test drive of our Content Marketing Kit?

Your first 14 days is free so you can check out the new content options and see if it’s right for you.

Just contact me here or email me and we’ll set up a time to go over the details on the phone.

Find out more about our Content Marketing Kit program here.