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How to use the Dynamic Content Tags feature in your email messages

Solution The built in email templates use the Dynamic Content Tags feature, which makes customizing your email messages automatic.

Here's how the tags work:

To use them, you replace tags in email templates that look like this - %%[Customization- Printing Company Logo]%% - with your own tag (which includes your company name).

When editing an email, at bottom left is a button: "Dynamic Content", which reveals a pick list, from which you select "Insert a Dynamic Content Tag...". This brings up a list of the tags available to you.

When you send your message, the tag is replaced with the block of code associated with it. The default is your standard customization data, but you can add additional blocks of code conditional on the settings of particular fields in your list. This allows you to swap in different contact info for trade vs. retail customers, or for different sales reps, etc, etc.

To add new Dynamic Tags, click Email Campaigns > Dynamic Content Tags > "Create a Dynamic Content Tag..."

A variety of basic Dynamic Tags are created for you when your account is set up, so that your customization details will flow into your templates automatically, with at most a few clicks. If you send a new email to your test list (yourself) you can check that the details are correct. Let us know any corrections that need to be made, or you can edit them yourself in the Dynamic Tags section - there's a small pencil icon for each of the listed code blocks associated with each tag. Click the pencil and you get a dialog where you can review or edit the triggers and the code/content in the block.
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